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Happy Holidays! 

 I hope everyone out there is having a great holiday season so far. Y'all be nice to each other and don't be drunk fighting with your family. Thanks for checking out my page and I'll see you down the road! 🇺🇸❤️⚡️


This site is the home base for all of Ol' JR's happenings. You'll find links to all of my social media handles, podcast episodes, pictures, music videos and random other live videos from the road. Also remember to check out all the new Handler Certified T-shirts and other swag on the merch page. Subscribe to the mailing list for all updates that pop up and you might even win something cool along the way! Please leave me some questions for the podcast and be sure to check back in for updates. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers Y'all!! ⚡️

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